The Ex From The Top Of My Lungs

Selvhenter New Age

JVT0012 (Jvtlandt 2015)

7" vinyl




The Ex:

Katherina Bornefeld - vocals, shakers
Terrie Hessels - guitar
Andy Moor - baritone guitar
Arnold de Boer - guitar

Made, played, recorded and mixed by The Ex.
Recorded November 27, 2013 and June 10, 2014 at Jottem, Wormerveer, The Netherlands.
Mixed August 14, 2014 at home.

Cover photo: Andy
Label photo: Arnold
Cover design: Emma Fischer



Selvhenter: NEW AGE [4:30]


Maria Bertel - trombone
Sonja LaBianca - saxophone
Maria Diekmann - violin
Jaleh Negari - drums
Anja Jacobsen - drums

Music by Selvhenter
Recorded by Aske Zidore at Mayhem, Copenhagen, Spring 2014
Produced & mixed by Aske Zidore and Selvhenter
Master by Andreas Pallisgaard
Cover by Anja Jacobsen




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"Whenever someone shares a single with a band as exalted as The Ex, it’s tempting to think that they’re being given a hand up. But no one is being indulged on this split release. Selvhenter is an all-female quintet from Denmark, and if all their music is as strong as this tune, we all have some homework to do. The notion behind “New Age” is quite simple, but the kind of simplicity that spins you down into a vortex where you might get lost for a long time. Twin drums keep up a simmering groove while effects-obscured violin and horns squeeze out one echoing burp after another, turning said groove into a vertiginous maelstrom of jostling rhythms. The Ex’s side will be known to anyone who caught them on their recent US tour. “From The Top Of My Lungs” is the song where Kat Bornefeld steps out from behind the drums, hefts shakers, and sings. Suspended over the interlocking patterns of three guitars playing riffs jagged enough to tear your coat sleeve from shoulder to cuff, her anthem makes you feel like whatever you have been doing with your life is not enough, but there’s still time for redemption."

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