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JVT0018 (Jvtlandt 2017)




Tandaapushi is an electric trio: Keys and a steady rhythm section made of electric bass and drums. While still playing melodies and grooves, they developed an obsession for getting any musical idea emptied by mean of repetitition. They play long and relentless music made of dark tones, industrial atmosphere, but still in search of a small light at the other side of the tunnel: Sisyphus looking for his redemption. Tandaapushi is primitive, sometimes massive, but not without a clear idea and a bunch of musical thoughts. It is also unclassifiable, trance inducing, heavy and on the edge. In other words, Tandaapushi creates "super- and sub-sonic textures for introspective imagery and meditative journeying” (Boston Hassle).

The late, great Aquarius Records chose Tandaapushi’s debut album “Fire Disposal” (2015) as “Album of the Week” and commented: “Their music here is "mostly improvised" - but not, like, JAZZ, not unless your idea of jazz is the Dead C and Supersilent jamming together, having switched up instruments perhaps. Or you gotta imagine The Necks as produced by Pumice, something like that. Perhaps Circle or Cave running wild in the INA-GRM studio?”

On “Borromean Rings”, their second album, Tandaapushi further develops their repetition based improvisation resulting in more finely crafted pulsating din. But there’s also something new, something more somber and austere. A different energy has appeared, adding a darkened misty atmosphere to several pieces.

1) Introduction
2) Part 1
3) Interlude 1
4) Part 2
5) Interlude 2
6) Finale

Total time 32:20

Léo Dupleix: Pianet, electric piano, amplified objects, no input mixing board
Laurens Smet: Bass, acoustic guitar
Louis Evrard: Drums, electric guitar, drum machine

1), 3) and 5) recorded at Nona Theater by Ted Masseurs
2), 4) and 6) recorded at Studio Sunny Side Inc. by Nicolas Lefèvre

Mixed by Léo Dupleix
Mastered by Peter Peter
Artwork by Michael Mørkholt

Léo Dupleix: Born in Paris, graduated from Brussels Royal Conservatory, Dupleix is an electronic musician, piano player, mainly working in the improvised and experimental field. He uses simple electronic devices, such as mixing board, paint, pick ups and synthesizers to create unique tones and textures. In parallel he continues to develop his own sound on the acoustic piano. He has played or collaborated with: Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Naoto Yamagishi, Pak Yan Lau, Lauri Hyvarinen, Ura Hiroyuki, Gregor Siedl, Lynn Cassiers, Yannick Dupont, Kou Katsuyoshi, Rabito Arimoto, Daisuke Takaoka, Junji Hirose, Seppe Gebruers and Akemi Nagao.

Laurens Smet: Bass player and composer from Antwerp, Belgium. Graduated from Antwerp conservatory and already a well established part of the Belgium / European free jazz scene, playing in many contexts and projects like Ifa y Xango, Bambi Pang Pang, Boelheart, Laurens Smet’ Antwerp Stock Trade and M(h)ysteria just to name a few.

Louis Evrard: Influenced by a very wide range of music style, from most abstract contemporary music to mainstream hiphop, he created an unique way of playing and approaching the drums that allows him to participate in wide variety of music projects. He has shared the stage with Evan Parker, Mâäk’s Spirit, Audrey Chen, Jean-Yves Evrard, Joachim Badenhorst, Jasper Stadhouders, Eric Thielemans, Lynn Casiers, Bart Maris, Bo Van Der Werf and Ifa y Chango.






Tandaapushi website