Emergency! Live In Copenhagen

JVT0003 (Jvtlandt 2009)

CD in 4 panel digipak


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Documenting Emergency!’s first ever concert outside of Japan, this album presents a dynamic performance in the band’s original style of psychedelic swing, featuring a rocking rhythm section and roaring guitars working through three famous jazz tunes as well as one explosive original.

Recorded 12 July 2006 at Stubnitz, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Otomo Yoshihide: Guitar
Ryoichi Saito: Guitar
Hiroaki Mizutani: Bass
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: Drums

Recording and mix: Blo (Stubnitz)
Mastering and design: Martin Vognsen


1. Re-Baptizum (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki) [14:11]
2. Sing Sing Sing (Louis Prima) [13:39]
3. Fables of Faubus (Charles Mingus) [14:02]
4. The Inflated Tear (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) [15:03]




"Emergency play with urgency, but no aimless flailing. It all goes somewhere."
-The Wire (November 2010)

"Killer. That's what they call a barnburner." "Oh yeah that thing (Emergency!) is a monster."
-Scott McDowell, WFMU (October 2010)

"Emergency! really do impress. (...) "Sing, Sing, Sing" is fascinating, fun and soaring. Lots of action going on in this one. It's worth continued listens and probably worth the price of the CD altogether. (...) While Emergency! are categorized as an experimental outfit, Live In Copenhagen demonstrates that this quartet has vision and structure that goes far beyond experimental. Highly Recommended."
JazzWrap Blog

"It delivers just the sort of power jazz you might expect from a group of this configuration, with at least one of the guitars peeling off abrasive riffs in a fashion heavily indented to Fred Frith’s work for Massacre. (...) “Live in Copenhagen” is a righteous blast from tip to tail."
The Jazz Mann

"Unlike some Downtown artists, the group's rocked-out two-guitar/bass/drums jazz is presented without pretension. These are not artists posing for sake of irony. (...) Mingus would have loved the surf guitar additions, extra-heavy vamp, and rapid time changes. (...) All quite brilliant."
All About Jazz

"...a treat for purveyors of cathartic rock inspired jazz."
"...keeps the spirit of the original tunes but brings to them an updated sonic palette. (...) The energy emitting from Emergency! is invigorating, original and spirited."

Paul Acquaro / Free Jazz

"...a dual guitar explosion..." "...blistering" "...excitingly contemporary..."
"Throughout the record (...) their reverence is, literally, electric."
-Signal To Noise (#60, December 2011)

"...a gorgeous and breathtaking journey." "..they use each composition as a point of departure for very free and noisy explorations. Delicious!"
-Vital Weekly (November, 2010)

"...skamløst levende - så frådende, hungrende, amokdansende iltert.” “...en så levende, legende, livlig instrumentfølelse, en så hørbart smittende spilleglæde, energi, at man ikke kan andet end at være imponeret, duperet og lykkelig."
-Geiger, October 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)

"Støj i opløsning veksles med heftige rytmer. Overstyrede heavyriffs veksles med groovy bund. (...) ...imponerende. Sjældent, om nogensinde har jeg hørt så meget feedback, brugt så elegant og sammenhængende som Emergency gør. Det er besættende smukt."
-JazzNyt Blog, January 2011 (Danish / English auto-tranlation)

“Un album joueur qui s’ébroue aux lisières des genres, et un très joli travail du petit label danois jvtlandt !”
-indierockmag.com (French)





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