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"One of my big discoveries of 2010 was an intriguing new label, Jvtlandt. Its first batch of four releases initially seems rather miscellaneous, but there are commonalities which indicate a strong personal interest in their production and dissemination which suggests that the label will be worth keeping an eye on in the future."
The Jazz Man

"usædvanligt interessante, kompromisløse, vilde, lavmælte og sågar storslåede værker."
"Fire højst imponerende musikudgivelser, alle med en originalitet og vitalitet, omkuldslående vildskab og inderlighed, intensitet og instrumentalt dygtighed. Også Jvtlandt er interessens fuldkomne opmærksomhed værd."
"unusually interesting, uncompromising, wild, quiet, even magnificent works"
"Four most impressive music releases, all with an originality and vitality, overwhelming ferocity and fervor, intensity and instrumental skill. Jvtlandt too is worth the complete attention of interest."

-Geiger, oktober 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)

Geiger recommends (Danish)



"a meticulously realised real-time improvisation that favours close listening and exhibits a sensibility that verges on third-stream chamber music. It’s unconventional, but effortlessly so. "
The Jazz Mann

“...intenst, nærværende og overbevisende... Musikken er fascinerende.”
"...intense, intimate, compelling... The music is fascinating."
-Geiger, oktober 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)

"All musik är improviserad och det låter allt annat än typisk impro om det hela." "Små cymbaler, klockor, kedjor och annat metalliskt slagverk skapar en alltmer förtätad ljudmiljö som så småningom får sällskap av en lika melodisk som rytmisk gitarr. Stilarna fogas samman på ett sätt som känns både nytt och intressant."
"All the music is improvised, and it sounds anything but typical Impro on the whole" "Small cymbals, bells, chains and other metallic percussion creating an increasingly dense sound environment that will eventually be joined by an equally melodic as rhythmic guitar. The styles are joined together in a way that feels both new and interesting."

"The outcome is quite intense and enigmatic. Vognsen's clever manipulations of his guitars' sounds melt with Takara's prepared timpani and the soft, distant sound of her vibes and Yoshigaki's spare drumming; the music references Western and Eastern folk scales, repetitive minimalist structures and ambient sound-poems."
All About Jazz


STATE CHANGES ACCORDING TO A WIND - Allenby Bridge Crossing Point:

"...a remarkably coherent progression through a range of moods, from real-time musical interplay through a range of moods and atmospheres. "
"satisfyingly unclassifiable"

The Jazz Mann

"...denne imponerende, storslåede, så gennemkomponerede og hele vejen igennem dragende komposition. (...) et gennemført og ambitiøst værk (...) fremstår det mildt talt originalt og bare rigtig, rigtig godt."
"(an) impressive, magnificent, so through-composed and throughout compelling composition... with Vognsen's undeniable talent as an instrumentalist in mind, but also as a welder of fragments, it appears, to say the least, original and just really, really good"
-Geiger, oktober 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)

"a unique musical observation about something those of us living in the first world may take for granted"
"there are surprise-packed performances on both discs, that slowly and patiently accumulate their affective power."
"With all these conflicting elements Vognsen manages to create tough and coherent narrative, that remains accessible throughout its 75 minutes. He never uses the rhythm section in its full force, but cleverly edits its parts in order to enhance the overall meditative ambiance. Even when he injects some disturbing, distorted, even noisy elements, their development still sounds organic."

All About Jazz

"A strange multilayered and at the same time accessible work."
-Vital Weekly

"...en riktigt originell förening av lågmäld fri improvisation, folk, ambient, fältinspelningar, extatisk postrock och en skvätt nutida konstmusik."
“State Changes According to A Wind imponerar i sitt mod att tänka samman olika dimensioner av musikaliska möjligheter snarare än olika genrer.”
"...a truly original fusion of low-key free improvisation, folk, ambient, field recordings, ecstatic post rock and a dash of contemporary art music."
"State Changes According To A Wind impresses in its courage to think together the different dimensions of musical ability rather than different genres."

-Soundofmusic, 2010 (Swedish / English auto-translation)

"...un grand projet dont deux premières parties ont paru en CD. King Hussein Bridge & Allenby Bridge Crossing Point sont deux invitations au voyage faits de field recordings et de la musique d’une formation guitare / vibraphone / batterie. Des ambiances de poste-frontières saupoudré de pop ou de folk, dans le meilleur des cas d’atmosphères nocturnes."
-le son du grisli (French)


EMERGENCY! - Live In Copenhagen:

"Emergency play with urgency, but no aimless flailing. It all goes somewhere."
-The Wire (November 2010)

"Killer. That's what they call a barnburner." "Oh yeah that thing (Emergency!) is a monster."
-Scott McDowell, WFMU, oktober 2010

"...a gorgeous and breathtaking journey." "..they use each composition as a point of departure for very free and noisy explorations. Delicious!"
-Vital Weekly (November, 2010)

"Emergency! really do impress. (...) "Sing, Sing, Sing" is fascinating, fun and soaring. Lots of action going on in this one. It's worth continued listens and probably worth the price of the CD altogether. (...) While Emergency! are categorized as an experimental outfit, Live In Copenhagen demonstrates that this quartet has vision and structure that goes far beyond experimental. Highly Recommended."
JazzWrap Blog

"It delivers just the sort of power jazz you might expect from a group of this configuration, with at least one of the guitars peeling off abrasive riffs in a fashion heavily indented to Fred Frith’s work for Massacre.  (...) “Live in Copenhagen” is a righteous blast from tip to tail."
The Jazz Mann

"Unlike some Downtown artists, the group's rocked-out two-guitar/bass/drums jazz is presented without pretension. These are not artists posing for sake of irony. (...) Mingus would have loved the surf guitar additions, extra-heavy vamp, and rapid time changes. (...) All quite brilliant."
All About Jazz

“Un album joueur qui s’ébroue aux lisières des genres, et un très joli travail du petit label danois jvtlandt !”
-indierockmag.com (French)

"...skamløst levende - så frådende, hungrende, amokdansende iltert.” “...en så levende, legende, livlig instrumentfølelse, en så hørbart smittende spilleglæde, energi, at man ikke kan andet end at være imponeret, duperet og lykkelig."
-Geiger, oktober 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)

"Støj i opløsning veksles med heftige rytmer. Overstyrede heavyriffs veksles med groovy bund. (...)  ...imponerende. Sjældent, om nogensinde har jeg hørt så meget feedback, brugt så elegant og sammenhængende som Emergency gør. Det er besættende smukt."
-JazzNyt Blog, January 2011 Danish / English auto-tranlation)


"Yamauchi displays formidable purity of conception..."
The Jazz Man

"...en imponerende, dybt fascinerende, virtuos og original instrumentalist... kolossalt kraftfulde kompostioner... En meget gennemført udgivelse."
"An impressive, deeply fascinating, virtuosic and original instrumentalist... compositions of colossal power... A very consistent release."
-Geiger, oktober 2010 (Danish / English auto-translation)


"No matter how obnoxiously aggressive Pupillo's malicious throttling of the cavern notes and Nilssen-Love's onward driving splatter, there's something invariably tranquil about the vibraphone. Raids On The Unspeakable therefore achieves a uniquely unsettling (im)balance between primal brutality and seraphic benificence."
Rock-A-Rolla: Issue 33 (August/September 2011)

"...features Pupilo building dense layers of distorted and scorching sounds through Nilssen-Love's uncompromising drumming, but the addition of Takara's vibes inject an openness and tenderness to this tough mix. (...) ...presents the telepathic interplay of this unique trio, while continuing to explore shifting grooves—deeper and deeper into uncompromising rhythm—with humor, elegance and fearless determination. With Raids On The Unspeakable, this trio demonstrates a rare potential. Hopefully it won't be long until its next release."

"The trio manages to create a heavy and powerful sound, full of darkness and forward drive, keeping the tension even in the sparse lower volume moments."
Free Jazz Blog

"hæsblæsende rytmisk ondskab, som meloditeksturerne fra vibrafonen omgærder med en vis mystik. (...) Raids on the Unspeakable er medrivende disharmoni, medrivende onde grooves."
"...breathtaking rhythmic evil, surrounded by a certain mysticism from the melodies of the vibraphone. (...) Raids on the Unspeakable is captivating disharmony, captivating evil grooves."
Geiger.dk (Danish / English auto-translation)



"...balancegangen mellem konservatorienørdet instrumentnørkleri og simpel musikalsk begejstring udføres sjældent bedre af nogen danske musikere. En plade, der på en og samme tid smitter med sin legesyge spilleglæde og imponerer med sit overrumplende musikalske overskud." ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

"...the balancing act between academic nerdery and plain musical exitement is rarely performed better by any Danish musicians. A record which is at the same time infectious with it's playfulness and joy of playing and impressive with its overwhelming musical exuberance."


"A highly inventive and playful journey into the mysterious sonic possibilities of the electric guitar. (...) These multi-layered compositions navigate playfully and methodically into their cathartic, noisy and chaotic codas."


"...moderne pigtrådsmusik i et konstant ekspanderende mulighedsfelt fra Anders Lauge Meldgaard og en magisk cirkel af guitarister (...) Man har indtryk af en kollektiv indsats, hvor det færdige lydbillede i høj grad præges af forskellige personligheder og deres lige så forskellige tilgange til instrumentet. Samtidig fornemmer man dog også klart en signaturlyd fra Meldgaard i de hoppende og ekstatiske udladninger, der vil glæde fans af hans ”Frisk Frugt”-projekt. Guitaren sættes her både fri fra rockens klichéer og blaserte avantgardestrategier. Alene tilbage står en frydefuld omgang med hele el-guitarens mulighedsfelt. Sådan skærer man en god guitarplade."

"...modern guitar-based music in a constantly expanding field of possibilities from Anders Lauge Meldgaard and a magic circle of guitarists (...) One has the impression of a collective effort where the end sound is greatly influenced by the different personalities of the musicians and their equally different approaches to the instrument. Simultaneously one clearly senses the signature sound of Meldgaard in the bouncing and ecstatic eruptions, sure to delight fans of his "Frisk Frugt" project. Here the guitar is released from both clichés of rock and from blasé avant-garde strategies. What remains is a joyful toying with the field of possibilities of the electric guitar. This is how you cut a good guitar record.


"Det långa spåret ”På Cykel mod solen som et ekkolod II” som utlöper i den annonserade extasen är helt fantastisk. Sedan är materialet varierande. Styckena är välspelade och supertighta, de sprider lika mycket humor som de skänker allvar."

"The long track "På cykel mod solen som et ekkolod II" finishes in ecstasy and is simply stunning. (...) The pieces are well played and super tight. They spread as much humor as they do earnestness."




"This disc is fabulous, brutal in part, consistently focused and engaging! This set is not just over-the-top but a more balanced excursion… I was at the edge of my seat for the entire length of this totally cosmic duo session!"

Bruce Lee Gallanter / Downtown Music Gallery

Yoshihide is still one of a kind, his guitar yowling, screaming, ranting, cutting like a turntable or just playing walls of Dead C-style noise while Nilssen-Love — one of jazz's most heavy-metal drummers — goes Whiplash.

Rolling Stone Magazine

"This is one ear-cleansing ride. One to play loud and one to play on repeat for a couple of time. Excellent recording of an excellent concert."

Vital Weekly

"…features both musicians in top form, demonstrating their versatile and diverse improvisational strategies and imaginative ideas about sound, pulse and space… Brilliant."

Eyal Hareuveni / AllAboutJazz

"…excellent, nicely shaped, improvised set… It has the kind of focus and shape that good gigs have and studio recordings don’t."

Chris Cutler / Recommended Records

"...a rather rare chance to hear Yoshihide in a more spontaneous setting. He has released solo guitar records in addition to his ensemble work but interacting in a duo setting with a drummer as powerful and demonstrative as Paal Nilssen-Love affords Yoshihide the chance to move freely while being pushed. They've recorded together before — in trio with Norwegian noise master Lasse Marhaug and with Yoshihide sitting in with Nilssen-Love's power trio The Thing — but here they are heard in fast-paced dialogue. What stands out most is how responsive each of them is, what quick thinkers they are."

The Squid's Ear

"...eine saugute Liveplatte..."

Andreas Fellinger / Freistil




- Live events organized by Jvtlandt -


(no upcoming live events)



The Magnetic Eagle: Japan Tour 2016

2016 Januar 8th - Jvtlandt presents EASY RIDER, ANDERS LAUGE MELDGAARD & ADI ZUKANOVIC, EMNET, NIKOLAS. DJs: Simon Tornby plays Fabio Frizzi, Pol iPod plays Stelvio Cipriani.

Oita's 1st international festival of spontaneous kraut-jazz, enigmatic rock & psychedelic freeform songs - 7 May 2015

Thulebasen - Japan tour, April 2015

Tigers Mind - Japan tour, February 2015

2015 January 7th - Jvtlandt presents Bad Astma, solen, Martin Hoshi Vognsen/Mads Pind Forsby, Claus Haxholm + DJ's: Jaleh Negari, Supermelle, Pol iPod @ Mayhem, Kbh.

To\To - Japan tour, April 2014

Orbit Stern - Japan tour, November 2013

Katsura Yamauchi and Martin Vognsen, Mayhem, Copenhagen, 15 June 2013

Anders Lauge Meldgaard/Martin Vognsen/Muneomi Senju/Iku Sakan + Musik For Seks Elektriske Guitarer, Europe Tour, May 2013

Selvhenter, Japan Tour, October 2012

MX, Japan Tour, March 2012

Frisk Frugt - Japan Tour, November 2011

Six Guitars - Japan Tour, November 2011