1. Forgive but Avenge (00:55)
2. Under the Rind (00:45)
3. Eat The Hand That Feeds You (01:44)
4. Enter My Guts (01:11)
5. Frogmen (01:24)
6. Ass Hammer (01:08)
7. Story (01:27)
8. A Public Execution (01:38)
9. In Your Skin / Born (01:12)
10. The Sacred Slut (01:04)
11. Broken (01:52)
12. Sodom (01:58)
13. Bloodfisher (03:30)

Skrag the Screecher: Vocals
Vürdoth: Guitar
Lurkrot: Drums

Recorded and mixed at Spin Studios by Nik Chinboukas
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios
Artwork by Paolo Girardi
Vomit Fist logo by Leo Didkovsky
Produced by Nick Didkovsky

Released by PUNOS MUSIC (2014)

ニューヨーク出身の“ヴォミット・フィスト”は、プログレッシブ・ロックの影響を受け、技巧派として確かな演奏力を持つグラインドコア・バンド。2013年、ニック“ヴードース”ディドゥコフスキーと彼の息子であるレオ“ラルコルト” ディドゥコフスキーによって結成され、直後にマルコム“スクラグ・ザ・スクリーチャー”ホイトが加入。すぐにアンダーグラウンド・メタル・シーンにおいて活躍の場を広げた。彼らは、幅広い年齢層が参加出来る昼間のハードコア・ギグからガレージ・イベント、フェスティバル、クラブ・ギグに至るまで、様々な会場でエネルギッシュなステージを見せつけ、その名を知られることとなる。

初レコーディング作品、“Forgive but Avenge”を発表。生々しくも、聴く者の全身を奮わせるパワーを持ったこのEPは、Testament、GojiraやLamb of Godの諸作品でも知られるニック・チンボウカスのスピン・スタジオでレコーディングされた。カバー・アートを担当したのはパオロ・ジラルディ、問題の楽曲は「再生の命題」、「終末のカオス」、「古代タントラの詩」を探求するものとなった。

ギター/作曲担当のニック・ディドゥコフスキーは1983年にアヴァン・ロック・バンド“Doctor Nerve”、2010年にはメタル・バンド“Häßliche Luftmasken”を結成。フレッド・フリスのギター・カルテットへもギタリストとして参加。息子のレオはデス・メタル・バンド“Diabolicus”を結成し、2枚のレコードを残している。スクラグは45億年前に死滅した星の血まみれになった腸から這い出て来た・・・ような奴だ!

強烈だ!何もかもぶち壊したくなる!” ー アレックス・スコルニック(Testament)

Vomit Fists’ new EP “Forgive but Avenge” is the radical ride you’ve been waiting for when it comes to something wild, new and heavy. Their promo photos make you think black metal, the album art make you think power metal but their frenzied energy and loud attack style of music gives us a rather dynamic and different sound of the hardcore genre. Sporadic and slightly insane, this trio delivers when it comes to interesting and compelling music.
Headbang or GTFO

Forgive but Avenge, is intense, epic, and quite often, surprisingly melodic. With splashes of black metal, Forgive but Avenge should appeal to anyone with a taste for technical guitar playing and drumming with possible taste for grindcore.
Morphius Records

It’s good to give metal the occasional kick in the ass to remind listeners of the music’s roots. It came from a dark, dirty, unforgiving place, and it has never been intended for the faint of heart. Vomit Fist provide this type of reminder. Their metal is a diatribe against everything mainstream. It’s a violent blend of grindcore and punk that immediately reminded me of early DRI and Dead Kennedys when I turned on Forgive But Avenge. The songs are rarely longer than a minute-and-a-half, but they are a brutal treat for the ears.
Metal News Online

Forgive But Avenge is a lot more than your typical Grindcore offering like many seem to label this outfit as. Elements of Mathcore, Hardcore, Punk, Death Metal, as well as styles that can easily fit a “post-” or Progressive preface of some kind, Vomit Fist express their musical influences and talents quite well through this nearly twenty minute EP. (…) Forgive But Avenge is a multi-layered piece that extends beyond the point of simple grinding to incorporate enough variety in a fluid manner that can easily unite many an opposing taste in just one recording.
Apochs Metal Review

I like this album, it gives a lot of different things to the listener. There's the spazzy and the thrashy and as well some quick, catchy songs. I would even say there are songs with mainstream appeal but I am notoriously bad with knowing what mainstream appeal is. It's an easy listen for those with bad attention spans as most of the songs don't last two minutes but you get a lot in those two minutes. This band has only been doing things for less than two years I think, and they already have this put together. Makes me think there will be a lot more in the near future.
Michael Carnage

For most bands, sticking to the mainstream market of metal and producing generic metal core riffs is the safer option, however VOMIT FIST chose to ignore this root completely, as a wise choice to them for doing so. (…) As a full listen, it certainly does keep you entertained and focused directly on each change in tune, as the EP is solid and comforting to the ears, a boldly composed EP from VOMIT FIST.
Metal Temple

Vomit Fist blast with the precision and aggression you would expect from any deft blackened grind outfit, but everything feels like it's filtered through some kind of glassy warp field, with crumbling harmonics, off-kilter time signatures, creepy samples, and some unsettling (in a good way) half-singing. Despite frequently veering into punk, thrash, and hardcore territory, their sound remains remarkably cohesive and listenable. This is smart grind that's fun as hell and I'm pumped to hear what they do next.
Everything Out!

Vomit Fist calls themselves “blackened grindcore,” and while I can hear elements of black metal and grindcore, I can also hear elements of Nick Didkovsky’s experimental-jazz-meets-metal-meets improv project, Doctor Nerve. (…) It’ll appeal to anyone who likes spastic music, catchy riffs, and a touch of innovation.
Scrapyard Magazine


Los Apson
Shinjuku Records