1. Shoebox Shuffle A (00:35)
2. Pluto's Matches (03:28)
3. Songs Take Splitting 1 (01:43)
4. Mind the Bend (05:01)
5. Shoebox Shuffle B (00:30)
6. The Tubular West (02:51)
7. Half-Dream (03:39)
8. Songs Take Splitting 2 (01:08)
9. Over By the Mantle (04:56)
10. Shoebox Shuffle C (00:38)
11. Salesmen Without Pictures (05:58)
12. Winter in Århus (02:47)
13. Bendings (03:55)
14. Shoebox Shuffle D (00:22)
15. Onwards and Upwards (05:52)
16. Songs Take Splitting 3 (01:24)
17. Rose Window (05:30)
18. Morning Flexion (01:46)

Composed, arranged and produced by Samuel Andreyev

Performed by Samuel Andreyev, Ayako Okubo, Olivier Maurel and Léo Maurel with Chris Swithinbank, Winnie Huang, Joshua Hyde, Andrea Agostini and Nicolas Dufournet

Project coordination and production assistance by Steve Venright
Recorded by Nicolas Dufournet at Melodium Studio, Montreuil, France, 2011−2012
Assistant engineers: Arthur Vayssié, Félix Béguin and Maxime Kosinietz
Mixed by Samuel Andreyev and Nicolas Dufournet
Mastered by Tony Smith at Joao Carvalho Studio, Toronto, Canada
Cover painting (Durie Street, Toronto) attributed to Doris Aishford, circa 1948
Photography, pictorial revisions and design by Steve Venright

Released by TORPOR VIGIL RECORDS ‎(2013)
Distributed by JVTLANDT (JAPAN)

Samuel Andreyevカナダ生まれ、フランス在住。現代音楽作曲家、詩人。Brian FerneyhoughやHeinz Holliger、Rebecca Sandersに師事して学んだが、彼自身もポップミュージックに対して抜群のセンスを
持つ。"The Turbular West” はこれらの経験と、超現実的で詩的な歌詞が特徴の、アヴァン・ポップ
ミュージックコレクションからの影響を融合させた作品である。Andreyev の音楽は数々のメディアで「一度聴いたら忘れられない」 The New York Times、「目ざましく独創的な作品」The Wire、「素晴らしい!」Van Dyke Parksと紹介されている。


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